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For your child’s active lifestyle, this is a convenient way to safeguard their intake of essential fatty acids and Vitamin D. A great-tasting Omega-3 chewable for ages 4 to 12 With...

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For your child’s active lifestyle, this is a convenient way to safeguard their intake of essential fatty acids and Vitamin D.

  • A great-tasting Omega-3 chewable for ages 4 to 12
  • With vitamin D which contributes to the normal growth and development of bones in children
  • The purest fish oil, sourced from sustainable fisheries
  • From the UK’s No.1 vitamin company

Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable

The importance of Omega-3

Over the last 10 years, the awareness of the importance of Omega-3 has grown, and ensuring your child receives enough Omega-3 is a valuable step towards giving him or her the best start in life. Results from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) suggest that the consumption of oily fish, which is the main source of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids, remains low, with children eating well below the minimum recommendation of one portion per week.

Omega-3 can be found in oily fish, such as mackerel, sardines, trout and tuna. However, as mums know, many children do not like the taste of oily fish so it can be difficult to ensure your child is getting all the Omega-3 they need and the minimum one portion per week.

Great tasting with no fishy aftertaste

Kids can be very particular about their likes and dislikes, so it is important to give them a supplement that tastes great, has no fishy aftertaste, and which they are happy to take. Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable is a premium quality soft chewy capsule that provides Omega-3 fish oil that’s sugar free and a delicious natural Jaffa orange flavour that kids love.

For active children aged 4 to 12 years

Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable capsules have been developed for active children aged 4-12 years, to provide an ideal source of Omega-3, including the essential fatty acids EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) plus DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid). EPA and DHA are classed as essential fatty acids because they cannot be made by the body efficiently and therefore must be obtained through the diet. More and more published research is highlighting the importance of these essential fatty acids.

With 10µg Vitamin D (per 2 capsules), the level recommended by the UK Department of Health. Vitamin D is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. It also contributes to their normal immune system function. 
The soft chewy capsules have been developed by Vitabiotics' expert nutritional team with the highest standards of purity and quality control.

The growing importance of Vitamin D3

Vitamin D plays a truly remarkable role in the body. It is essential for all-round good health and is needed for normal growth and development of bone in children. New research shows that optimum intake levels of vitamin D may be far higher than previously thought. Vitamin D3 is the body's preferred form of vitamin D. Vitamin D is synthesized by the body on exposure to sunlight, however many parents are now following health advice to avoid too much sun exposure and be extra careful with children's delicate skin, often using high SPF sun creams, which reduces vitamin D levels in the body. It is therefore especially important for children to get this from their diet or from a nutritional safeguard such as Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable which includes the 10 µg Vitamin D (per 2 capsules), the level recommended by the UK Department of Health.

Vitamin D in the diet

Vitamin D is naturally present in only a limited number of foods, for example, oily fish such as herring and sardines, fish liver oils, eggs and butter. However, these may be foods that are difficult to get children to eat regularly. Because vitamin D is fat soluble, advice to eat lower fat diets and the raising concern about childhood obesity may contribute to reduced intakes from foods rich in Vitamin D and hence dietary supplementation may be recommended.

Sustainable fisheries

Vitabiotics Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable fish oil only comes from sustainable fisheries in highly regulated, clean sea environments.

Quality and Purity

Wellkid Omega-3 Chewable undergoes a special purification process, to ensure the highest purity oil. Each batch is rigorously tested, certified and fully compliant with stringent EC and WHO rules on environmental pollutants. This means you can be sure of the cleanest, highest quality standards, free from contaminants such as mercury, dioxins and PCB'S


Chewable Omega-3, vitamins D & E capsules with sweeteners, for children aged 4-12

Nutritional Information Average per 2 caps % EC NRV*

High purity Omega-3 Fish Oil

582 mg




150 mg



100 mg


Vitamin E (Natural source)

12 mg α-TE


Vitamin D (as D3 400 IU)

10 µg


*NRV = Nutrient Reference Value, mg = milligram
µg = microgram, IU = International Units, EPA = Eicosapentaenoic Acid, DHA = Docosahexaenoic Acid


Concentrated Omega-3 Fish Oil (from Fish), Capsule Shell (Pharmaceutical Grade Gelatin [Halal Bovine Source], Glycerin, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Natural Jaffa Orange Flavour, Maize Starch, Sweetener: Sucralose, Colours: Iron Oxides), Vegetable Fat (Non-Hydrogenated), Sweeteners: Mannitol & Sucralose, Natural Jaffa Orange Flavour, Vitamin E (D-Alpha Tocopherol) (from Soya), Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol). Allergy Advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

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